The man in black, Johnny Cash knew a thing or two about burning desire. But love isn’t the only thing that burns. Sometimes you just want to caramelize the sugar on a crème brûlée or melt some cheese without all the subtext. Enter the Starship Torch.  

Designed to generate a windproof flame worthy of its namesake, the handheld Starship Torch will make easy work of searing anything from steak to meringue. Outside of the kitchen, fire up Starship to light candles or your fireplace. Who needs weak matches when you’ve got the power of Starship in your hands?  

When not in use, activate the safety lock and your torch transforms into a bad-ass 1:200 scale model of SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft fit for display.   

It’s collectible. It’s functional. And it burns, burns, burns. The Starship Torch.

• Refilling on-orbit. The Starship Torch is easily refillable with standard butane canisters (not included).
• Ships empty
• Adjustable flame
• Safety lock
• 1:200 scale 
• 100% not a toy

WARNING : Keep the item out of the reach of children. Do not touch the flame nozzle while in use. Wait patiently for it to cool down. Never put the heated parts or the product in water. Allow it to cool down naturally. Do not store the product at temperatures above 40 ° (104 °F). Make sure gas flow is turned off when not in use. When the product is used for soldering and similar applications, it produces chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harmful materials.

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